All photography provided by Sean Hughes

We aim to promote the sport of cycling at all levels through increased transparency into the bike industry, athletes, and local advocates.



Plain and simple: We love bikes. We are both constantly involved in local advocacy, working with local shops, agencies, land managers, et al to promote and expand the width and depth of cycling. The sport has provided us not only with an outlet to express ourselves physically, but has given us a network, and a community of friends that connects us well beyond the title of “cyclist”. Because of that, we want to share those experiences, epiphanies, and stories of personal growth with a larger audience and bring more people into the sport we love.


The Gravel lot is the place where the best rides with your friends begin and end. It can be at your local trailhead, a local elementary school parking lot, or a patch of dirt off your local county road. Wherever it is located, it represents the place where you meet with your friends, share stories, enjoy a laugh, and talk about the topics that are relevant to you in that moment.

The Gravel Lot is where the bonds of friendship are built and strengthened, and it gives birth to the reason that keeps us coming back to cycling as our chosen sport: Community.